Toronto, CA - Sao Paulo, BR - London, UK

Raymond Payne

With a Technology background since the 1980’s, most of my involvement and investment in businesses have either a technology or engineering-type process methodology component to them.  I’m heavily systems and procedures driven.  Everyone is familiar with you can’t manage what you can’t measure (popularized by Peter Drucker), but my work motto is closer to you can’t scale what you can’t automate.

I am always open to new opportunities and ventures.  Please feel free to connect if you feel you have something I may be interested in.

My English is much better than my Portuguese, making English my preferred language for all communication whenever possible.

Accredited Investor (Canada)
Investidor Qualificado (Brazil)
Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor (UK)


Abrisuite helps companies of all sizes by creating true automation and scaling opportunities.  Our Signature System helps make systems automated and repeatable so they can be refined and scaled to meet the business owners’ future visions.

Document – Integrate – Automate (RPA & AI) – Streamline – Monitor (KPI Dashboards)


Kubera Sales

Built based on lessons learned and common problems that Abrisuite clients have with their sales processes.  Automated integration with many tools, AI based lead list building & screening, pre-qualification, and task automation to free up your sales team to focus on people, and the high value relationship building based tasks that can’t be automated.

Geo Food

Offering year-round fresh fruits, vegetables and fish through high-efficiency, low-power geothermal greenhouses located outside of the Greater Toronto Area.

Using geothermal climate control with predominantly below-grade greenhouses we’re able to produce fresh, flavourful food locally for families and restaurants, 365 days a year.

Yello MKT

Digital Marketing for Small Business, and Personal Branding Services.

Many companies and consultants build a website to grow their business, only to find it drives no business.  Typical Marketing companies are either unable to connect the dots between marketing and sales, or are outright priced too high for non-enterprise customers.

Yello helps bridge the gap between having an online presence and getting leads online.


MSP/MSSP based in Toronto.

Since 1995, offering complete IT and Networking services through Southern Ontario. offers affordable, scaleable IT support services for businesses of all sizes in Southern Ontario.